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Vanilla Stores Everywhere
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Vanilla Stores Everywhere

In this complex retail world, where omni-channel communications need to be consistent online and in-store, many retailers are focused on digital mediums to hype up their store offering and image but are forgetting to do the same in-store. Worst of all, they are leaving their store staff in the dark without informing them.

Defining the brand and creating a welcoming shopping experience is the biggest challenge for convenience. If your store looks similar to how it looked 5 or 10 years ago, then you need to rethink what you are selling. You may be able to create some hype or cool-themed promotions to get people to visit your stores, but when they arrive and see the same-old-same-old, then you are missing the opportunity to create the narrative of why customers should visit your store.

Before you think you do not have the money to change your store appearance, the process can start by moving things around – creating new pathways for customers to explore your store. A good cleaning and or painting goes a long way to retain customers because it shows you care. Colour of walls should emit energy and not be boring off-white paint that you see in so many retail locations. Science tells us the human mind first sees colour so use colours with energy (orange, lime green) to denote fresh, bright, and positiveness. See what quick-serve food offerings are doing with colour – Freshii is a good example – simple but meaningful representation of “fresh-thinking”.

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If your store looks like vanilla then you need to change. From the picture above, the simple task of adding caramel sauce to vanilla ice cream creates a whole new experience of eating “plain” ice cream. Most times, you don’t have to rebuild or remodel your store to make a difference – a little sauce and creativity will do. The definition of convenience has changed – has your store and or have you?

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