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Tipping Point For EV’s
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Tipping Point For EV’s

UPS, one of the largest courier companies in the world, just ordered 10,000 electric delivery vans for its fleet. As electric vehicles (EV) become more reliable and sustainable against traditional diesel and gasoline powered (and polluting) vehicles, more and more businesses will start purchasing EV’s.

As online shopping continues to grow, demand for delivery vans required to deliver these orders will also grow – and anything that is better for the environment will help the planet and also the conscious minds of those online shoppers.

EV’s are at a tipping point as the technology is cheap enough and these vehicles can compete with gas and diesel vans. The coolness factor of the self-piloting Tesla is going mainstream with more and more people thinking about EV’s to reduce the impact of global warming. Petro-Canada recently announced their ability to provide customers a Canada-wide grid to recharge their EV’s.

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