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Testing Cashier-Free Stores
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Testing Cashier-Free Stores

7-Eleven opened its first cashierless-free store in their Texas headquarters for their employees.

Using the Scan & Pay mobile application, the system uses algorithms and predictive technology to separate individual customers’ purchases from others. As the customer walks the store, the customer scans items they wish to purchase. The technology was built by in-house 7-Eleven engineers. Amazon’s cashier-less stores do not require the customer to scan and overhead sensors scan the item when it is removed from the shelf.

A cashier is still present for those employees wishing to buy age-restricted products such as cigarettes and lottery tickets. The company said mobile checkout is just one more way they can make someone’s day a little easier and give 7-Eleven customers a convenient alternative to waiting in line during a store’s busiest times of day.

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