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Drone Bring Me Ice Cream
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Drone Bring Me Ice Cream

Unilever the makers of Ben & Jerry’s, Breyers, Klondike and several other delicious ice cream novelties have been testing the delivery of ice cream using drones.

As future regulations around the use of drones for deliveries to households appears to be more flexible, an increasing number of companies are testing the use of drones to reach their customers. Brands like Unilever are especially interested in direct-to-consumer models for ease, speed, cost and most importantly data – connections providing valuable insights to grow their business and loyalty.

7-Eleven has been testing drones since 2016 – beating Amazon and Google at the their own expertise. Seventy-seven customers received 7-Eleven test deliveries in Reno, Nevada. Delivered to their doorsteps, the first customer order was a chicken sandwich, donuts, candy, Slurpees and hot coffee. The drone lowered the package to the ground and from time of receiving the order to delivery was 10 minutes!

During a demonstration in their US facility, a multi-copter was fitted with a delivery box containing 3 Ben & Jerry mini-cups. While this was just a test, it highlights the capability of the technology and the interest of world-class CPG companies using technology to advance their goals.

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The thought just occurred – in a world we are receive ice cream or any other product for that matter by drones, we will be accustom to forgetting to say “please and thank you’s” and not be required to tip the drone. My tips as a pizza delivery boy when I was in high school exceeded my hourly wage – yikes!

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