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iQOS The Future of Smokeless
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iQOS The Future of Smokeless

RBH Inc. owned by Philip Morris International, has recently launched iQOS in Canada, a small device that heats tobacco sticks, called Heets, to a high enough temperature to create a vapour but not smoke.

Smokers receive nicotine and tobacco flavour thru inhaling from a filter-tipped cigarette which is about the 1/3 of the size of a conventional cigarette.  The tobacco in these “heet sticks” is finely ground and delivers the flavour of tobacco without any smoke or without any burning.

This revolutionary product has been in development for over 10 years and is aimed at reducing harmful effects of smoking conventional cigarettes.

The iQOS holder holds one “heet stick” and the device is small and attractive (unlike some e-cigarette tank models).  The smoker places one heet stick in the holder, and a thin board heats up the tobacco to about 300 degrees (versus a lite cigarette which is about 800 degrees) and the smoker can take up to 14 puffs (inhales), or about 6 minutes os usage per heet stick.  The heet stick is then ejected, and the holder is then put back into a small charging unit where it is re-charged up to about 20 times (before the charger itself has to be re-charged).

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RBH Inc. has opened stores in Toronto (Queen Street West) and in Vancouver with new stores opening up in Edmonton and Calgary.

Heet sticks are sold in packages of 20 (like conventional cigarettes) and come in two versions – Red which is best described as full flavour, and Yellow which is less than full flavour ( a milder version).

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