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Go Or No-Go For Amazon Checkout-Free Store
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Go Or No-Go For Amazon Checkout-Free Store

The much publicized “Amazon Go” store in Seattle that was scheduled to open in early 2017 is still off-limits to the public.

It is rumoured that the technology has several glitches that is delaying the first “checkout-less” store that was being promoted as the store of the future.  This is good news for the retail sector that has seen many different store formats close because on on-line shopping.

The question remains can technology create a checkout-less store?  The answer is yes – so any delays to open the first store are more focused on delivering the right experience the first time than it is with the question whether the technology will work.  There is no argument to the fact that “people want to wait less” so it is just a matter of time before this technology is perfected and found in many stores.

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For convenience stores selling age-restricted products, I am sure a solution is around the corner in terms of sophisticated vending machines.

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