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Soda Sugar Tax Growing In US
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Soda Sugar Tax Growing In US

Voters in San Francisco, Oakland and Albany – California and Boulder – Colorado have all approved a measure that taxes sugar-sweetened beverages.

The California cities approved a penny-per-ounce ( 591 ml = ~20 ounces) – hence a 20 cent tax increase per bottle to be imposed at the distributor level.  The tax affects everything from soft drinks, sports drinks, ice-tea, and energy drinks.

In Boulder, Colorado – they approved a 2 cent per ounce tax (a 40 cent increase per 591 ml).

The American Beverage Association commented that it will continue to work cutting calories from beverages:

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“We respect the decision of voters in these cities. Our energy remains squarely focused on reducing the sugar consumed from beverages—engaging with prominent public health and community organizations to change behavior,”.

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