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Business Leader Is The New President
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Business Leader Is The New President

Without getting involved in what happened and why – the fact is there is a new president in the United States that has substantial business experience (and is not a career politician).

In his election platform, he promised a lot of change to big issues (immigration, free-trade, health care) to name a few.

Will he tackle banking and credit card/debit card fees that have hurt small business? – perhaps the single biggest issue that NACS and the CCSA have been challenged with.

What will his view be of childhood obesity that continues to rise? – will his wife take on the baton from the former First Lady?

Will he move ahead with the north-south pipeline that has enormous job potential for western Canada as well as environmental risks.

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While style and comments have raised eyebrows with everyone – will he put his passion into fixing things he talked about during his campaign?  What will become of the NAFTA agreement and how will the Canadian economy be affected?

Like in all businesses, new presidents typically come in and make changes.  He is certainly not short of passion or quick-razor views – but he is a billionaire obviously by making some good decisions.   If he surrounds himself with the best men and women on his team – after the chatter of late is gone – I think this could be very positive for Canada.

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