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Tech Driven Convenience
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Tech Driven Convenience

Tech-Driven Convenience

Amazon has a service called Amazon Dash replenishment – which essentially tracks through technology the usage of your day-to-day products and when replenishment is near – the technology orders it for you (without you thinking) and the next day it shows up at your doorstep. A while back, we talked about the Internet-of-things and how these profound connections between everything and anything will change our daily lives and our businesses!

Amazon is promoting a new Brita pitcher – it is the same Brita sales pitch – cleaner better tasting water – blah blah blah – but this pitcher has a built in replenishment technology that orders the new filter before you know to order a new filter.

The pitcher is about $45 US, and is 30% more expensive than the regular Brita filter – but some will think the convenience and hassle-free task of always have cleaner and better tasting water will be worth it!

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Traditional retailers have to understand that these new eco-systems and their connectivity is going to change the way people shop. That is not to say – they will stop shopping in stores, but they will certainly shop less or buy less. Apple’s ecosystem on how they improved the buying experience of music changed the retail landscape and so will smart appliances.

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