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Senseless and Sad
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Senseless and Sad

The deliberate murders of two convenience store employees in Alberta yesterday is simply unbearable.  Video evidence shows that the two store employees that worked at different locations, offered no resistance to the robbers and posed no threat to them.  It appears the robbers were seeking small amounts of money in each case.

The criminals of these senseless and horrific crimes must be made example of.  Any kind of robbery, not alone petty robbery which ends in death of innocent people must be treated with the harshest penalties available.  Detectives described the crimes as over-the-top violent, absolutely unnecessary, gartuitous and evil.  The employees were killed sometime during the night shift – where the gunman killed a 35 year old man and then went to another location and killed a 41 year old.

Police have quickly charged three suspects with first-degree murder in the slayings that shook Edmonton Friday morning. Homicide detectives have charged a 13-year-old boy, and two men aged 24 and 27 each with two counts of first-degree murder, disguised with intent and robbery with a prohibited restricted firearm.  It is alleged that all three individuals had criminal records and were known to police.

These suspects have also been charged with two counts of possession of a loaded prohibited restricted firearm and possessing a prohibited firearm, and one count of dangerous driving, criminal flight, and possession of stolen property over $5,000.

“This is a sad day in the history of Mac’s,” said Bonnie Birollo, the Western Canada vice-president of operations.  “My heart aches for the many lives impacted by this tragedy and especially for the families of the  two victims. We are doing all we can to support our people and to reach out to those in need.”

One of the employees gunned down on the job at the store had been working there for a little more than a month.  He had recently come from India with his wife and young son.

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Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of these two employees and their co-workers.



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