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Fuss About Coffee Cups
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Fuss About Coffee Cups

Starbucks recently has been facing backlash from customers over removing Christmas themes from their seasonal red coffee cups.  They are now just red with their green logo on the cup.  The paper cups are now ‘holiday neutral” and some are upset about how far companies, including Starbucks will take the Merry Christmas out of Christmas.

There has been a growing trend to replace Merry Christmas with Happy Holidays in signs found in various retail formats.  Starbucks is one of many retailers that are thinking about “inclusiveness” to accommodate all consumers celebrating the holiday season in the traditions that they are accustom to.

Starbucks is quick to point out to the criticisms, that they have other products sold in the store that say “Christmas” such as their Christmas Blend coffee beans.

This is the first year, that seasonal coffee cup designs made headline news… and Dunkin Donuts, the other massive coffee retailer in the US released their new holiday cup which has a green and red holiday design that says “JOY” in red letters.

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I don’t think many customers will switch from Starbucks to Dunkin Donuts because of coffee designs, but I bet the designers of these coffee cups will think differently next year.


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