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Winter Is Around The Corner
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Winter Is Around The Corner

Some Canadians think of winter as too cold, with too much snow, too many delays, too much sickness… and so on and so on…

Others think of it as skiing, enjoying the outdoors, having fun, being with family, roaring fireplaces… and so on and so on.

Some get the flu shot to prepare for winter, some sharpen their skates… What are you doing in your business to prepare for winter?

Beyond the obvious questions of who is ploughing my snow, are you thinking about what seasonal products to stock and which to get rid of to make room for them? In other words, are you transforming your store for the next 4 to 5 months, or will it be the same with the addition of a few items like snow scrapers?

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Do you carry lock de-icer, windshield washer fluid, rock salt, fire logs, snow scrapers, gas line antifreeze, pine scented air fresheners, hot chocolate…?

It is time to plan and order and not get caught with the first “unexpected” big storm. Nature in the last few years has delivered unparalleled storms and it is a good bet that sometime this winter we can expect the unexpected.

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