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Nestle USA Removing Artificial Flavours And Colours
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Nestle USA Removing Artificial Flavours And Colours

Nestle USA has announced that they will not be using artificial flavours and colours in Butterfinger, Babe Ruth or any other Nestle chocolate products sold in the United States because Americans want them gone.

Nestle will remove artificial flavours and government-certified colours from all its more than 250 products by the end of the year, the first US company to do so. Their research showed that consumers preferred candy that is free from artificial flavours and colours which are being replaced with ingredients from natural sources.

The company also cited Nielsen’s 2014 Global Health & Wellness Survey, which found more than 60 per cent of Americans said the absence of artificial colours or flavours was important to their food purchase decisions.

These products will begin appearing on store shelves by mid-2015, and will be identified by “No Artificial Flavours or Colours” on the product packaging.

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The company also said it is working on removing caramel colouring that is used in nine of its chocolate products. Caramel colouring, a common food colouring, is under scrutiny by consumer activists who say it may cause cancer. The FDA is currently reviewing data on a chemical compound in caramel colouring to make sure that its use in food remained safe.

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