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Power Of Social Media And Employees
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Power Of Social Media And Employees

In Blue Ridge, Georgia, a Walmart greeter got into trouble with this employer because he’d say to people entering the store, “Have a blessed day.” After a customer complaint, Walmart told him to stop and the story went viral and Walmart faced public blacklash.

What did Walmart do? They reversed their decision and is now allowing him to continue to say “have a blessed day”.

Couple of thoughts in this small but potentially damaging situation.

If someone is offended by someone greeting them and telling them to have a blessed day – I am not sure whether I need that customer in my business. If several hundred complained, then I might have a different view of researching the matter.

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There is nothing more powerful than a positive staff interaction with customers. It makes them feel welcomed, appreciated and valued. If the greeter was trying to impose his religious beliefs on customers entering the store, then I would ask the greeter to stop – since it was not expected of him in his work responsibilities.

I know there are those they will disagree with my view – but really – do we need the negativism of one customer versus the positiveness of several hundred who felt welcomed when they entered the store?

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