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Surprise And Delight
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Surprise And Delight

In a recent retail conference, speakers addressed the importance of creating a compelling physical brand experience at retail, especially in a world where pretty much everything is available online.

According to research, consumers want more from brick-and-mortar stores than they can get online, where shopping is faster, easier and often cheaper.  They’re looking for human interaction, claiming that the future of retail is about entertainment and community.  Focus on the surprise and delight factor.

Personalization is another area where brick-and-mortar retail falls short.  It’s amazing and scary how much websites know about consumers, but none of that knowledge translates to providing rich in-store experiences.

Retailers have to use that weaponry that’s online, which is about data and personalization, to make it so that when you do go in the store, we can give you something else and we can make you come back.  There are solutions to help brands reach customers who are in the store . Technology to find them in the aisles and recommend products they might like.

Retail stores can only compete with online if the stores actually offer a compelling reason to go there.  Beyond store fixtures and the same products, knowledgable and friendly staff provide the means for differentiation.

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