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Pepsi True Exclusive
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Pepsi True Exclusive


Pepsi is launching a new soft drink later this month described as a naturally sweetened soda called Pepsi True.  On the initial launch, it will only be available in 24 packs and sold only in one store.


Pepsi’s new product addresses consumers that have become more health-conscious and shifted away from diet soda because of health concerns about artificial sweeteners.  This new product entry comes at a time when it has almost been a decade of declining sales of carbonated soft drinks in the US and Canada.

The company says it decided to introduce True through Amazon after noting the success of other products such as its Starbucks Double Shot Light, Pepsi’s top-selling item year-to-date in e-commerce. Pepsi sells the product through a joint venture with Starbucks Corp.

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Amazon is happy because it gives the on-line retailer a differentiated product that nobody else has. Coca-Cola did a similar launch when it reintroduced Surge on Amazon and indicated that their decision allowed them to evaluate demand for it.

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