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Creating Premium Products
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Creating Premium Products


Starbucks has announced that it plans to begin selling a line of handcrafted sodas called Fizzio. Offered in three flavours
(spiced root beer, ginger ale and lemon ale), these private label beverages and made without artificial flavours, preservatives or high-fructose corn syrup.

The new beverages will be introduced in 3,500 Starbucks stores in the southern U.S. along with a new line of sandwiches, to help make Starbucks a stronger lunchtime option for consumers.

Starbucks is also testing three flavours of Greek-yogurt smoothies as it continues trying to broaden its appeal beyond coffee. The sweet greens, mango carrot and strawberry drinks will be sold in about 170 test market locations in San Jose, California, and St. Louis. A medium-sized smoothie has 170 calories to 230 calories, depending on the flavour, and customers can add kale or extra Greek yogurt. Prices for a 16-ounce smoothie is expected to be $5.95.

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One of the benefits of watching innovation at quick serve retailers is that they usually embark on new ideas after mounds of customer and competitive research. As fast food options continue to grow in convenience, watching Starbucks initiatives provides a helpful look into future products sold in convenience stores.

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