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Are Convenience Retailers Responsible?
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Are Convenience Retailers Responsible?

This week The Beer Store published a staged video showing a retailer with complete disregard to age testing youth purchasing alcohol beverages.

This in short, was a low-blow below the belt on so many fronts.

1. The Beer Store employees do not suffer if they sell to a minor – convenience store employees are fined and the retailer looses their license to sell tobacco if they are caught twice in a five year testing period. The government spends millions on mystery shopping convenience stores each year – visiting stores at least 6 times per year.

2. The retailer pictured in the video made fun of the issue of serious drinking responsibility. Something many retailers have assisted communicating positive messages on.

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3. Convenience retailers, many of which are independents, work 7 days a week with their extended family in the stores and take age-testing seriously not only for alcohol, but for tobacco and lottery as well. The video doesn’t discuss these two other large categories that collect billions in tax dollars for the government.

4. It is insane to think that the President’s of beer companies love convenience retailers in Quebec and 20 plus states in the US that sell their products (you never hear about complaints in these jurisdictions), but pick on convenience retailers in Ontario as being irresponsible.

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