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Farm to Fridge Delivery Service
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Farm to Fridge Delivery Service

Farm-to-fridge delivery services are the newest concept in online grocery delivery bringing farm fresh products to your doorstep.

On such example, is a company called Graze. Developed in 2010, the company visits 35 to 40 farms daily in the Vermont area seeking the freshest produce, meat, dairy and cheese. Graze has a weekly base of 450 to 500 customers per week.

Whole Foods in Brooklyn has built a rooftop greenhouse on top of their supermarket. It is the only commercial rooftop greenhouse in the entire country. It is also the fastest-growing greenhouse company in the city using hydroponics instead of soil to grow crops. It is currently harvesting tomatoes, lettuces, basil, bok-choy and kale.

More and more retailers are seeking methods to deliver fresher products. Consumers located in the east coast generally receive produce that is a week old (time required from moving it from the west coast to east coast).

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Companies are taking any means cost-effective and practical to differentiate on fresh. milk-doorstep

Fresh to door-step brings back memories of milk bottles being at the front door.

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