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Walmart Creates A Blog For Customers
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Walmart Creates A Blog For Customers

Many companies, regardless of size, would chringe at the thought of allowing customers to comment on their products and services. Social media allows this of course in many forums, but most retailers aren’t opening their own channel to hear publicly (which means everyone else sees and hears as well) what their customers think.

Let’s face it, we are more connected now than ever. It makes sense for companies to connect to their employees and their customers.

Walmart’s new blog on its corporate website will allow public comments on the blog site. This will be a discovery portal for Walmart’s major platforms such as veterans hiring, empowering women, manufacturing jobs, healthy food and hunger, sustainability and global responsibility.

There will also be blog contributions from across the entire company from marketing, shopper insights, operations, and even the executive circle. On occasion, it’s possible that some news announcements could be made using this forum, which is how typically announces acquisitions, updates on testing phases, and other developments.

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The new blog is said to reflect the priorities of new CEO Doug McMillon, a former hourly employee at Walmart who believes that more open communications represents a return to the Sam Walton playbook.

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