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Are Convenience Stores Being Squeezed Out Of Business
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Are Convenience Stores Being Squeezed Out Of Business

Convenience Stores face punishing regulation from all levels of government

There is 868 federal, provincial and municipal regulations that have been identified as directly impacting convenience store operators in Canada. The CCSA estimates that this costs retailers $225 million annually.

These findings are part of the CCSA’s 2013 annual C-store State of the Industry Report presented in Montreal on October 23rd.

Last year’s report only focused on federal and provincial regulations, and municipal regulations were included this year. There was an additional 176 municipal regulations that were discovered in major cities which add a significant burden to the cost of doing business especially considering the large number of federal and provincial regulations.

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“The volume of regulation impacting our members in Canada poses a real threat to our industry,” says CCSA President Alex Scholten. “By eliminating out-of-date regulations, simplifying others or avoiding new, unnecessary regulation, we could achieve major improvements to the profitability of our members and to the Canadian economy in general. For this reason, we are calling upon governments to alleviate this burden, which we believe will trigger the creation of thousands of jobs and preserve a unique family business model that generates billions in tax revenues for the government. We have been working with a number of provinces and the federal government to achieve ‘smart regulation’ – regulation that is deemed effective and efficient by the industry and government alike.”

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