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Cstore Of The Future
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Cstore Of The Future

The Cstore Of The Future

The convenience store of the future may include new categories such as ready-to-eat meals (whether by having a fast food franchise inside the store or having their own), self-serve dry cleaning, parcel post for internet shopping, among other growth areas requiring small footprints in real estate with convenient locations.

Gondola filled with slow moving grocery and other items will be replaced with movable gondolas on heavy duty casters that are situated in the store to capture day part selling. Colours and flex space will be used to attract attention and build excitement into the store environment. As competitors to the convenience channel slowly capture impulse sales, convenience stores will need to use mind stimulating displays and techniques to own the “fresh as it gets” and “colder than cold” to stimulate shopping emotions. Creating excitement around lottery play will be an important element to define the store. Shaved ice with cold drinks and sandwiches will occupy counter tops versus traditional chocolate bar and gum racks. The store will look vastly different with similar size foot prints in the future. Do more with less in less time will be the mantra.

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