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Lottery Goes Mobile
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Lottery Goes Mobile

Aiming For The Sweet Spot

Lottery companies world-wide are facing one big problem.  How to get legal-age to 30 year old players to play their lottery games.  There is no doubt that the LA (legal-age to play) to 30 year olds represent an important, if not most important segment of customers to reach.  Manufacturers aim as early as possible, to develop brand loyalty and this age segment is critical to their approaches.

So why go digital?

Everyone (almost everyone) has a smartphone in their pocket.  They can access internet, play games, do banking, find directions, read documents, email, skype, and so on, which makes their mobile devices capable of many things that makes life more convenient.  So lets dream for a moment on what the mobile smartphone could do for lottery companies.

Create personalized games that are interactive on the phone like the countless other mobile games that exist out there.  Put fun in the art of playing the lottery.  Make buying lottery extremely convenient – any where at any time using your personal mobile device.  Allow the lottery company to notify consumers of jackpot amounts to encourage play, as well as the convenience of notifying mobile lottery players if they won.  Add allowing mobile users to charge their tickets to their mobile billing accounts, and also allowing users to add the names of players on the electronic ticket (if multiple people are playing) are more conveniences for this important LA to 30 age segment.

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The consumer will demand these changes or lottery will become less relevant in their lives.  Like all good business sense, lottery companies around the world have no choice but to invest in mobile technologies.  This will certainly be another hit to the lottery category sold in convenience stores, but like all retail businesses, the convenience offer has to evolve.


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