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Trader Joes Founder’s Legacy

In 1967 in Pasadena California, Joseph Coulombe invented a retail concept called Trader Joe’s. In 1979, he sold the company to the Germany-based Aldo Nord. He died recently at the age of…

Inventory Problems Ahead

For Amazon, Walmart and others that rely heavily on manufactured goods from China, the coronavirus has slowed production and closed factories. As a means to slow consumer demand, many brands are spending…

Beer Suds Down

Fourth quarter financials ending 2019 for Anheuser-Busch InBev SA showed lower profit with management blaming higher costs and lost market share in the U.S. to hard seltzer makers. Their fourth-quarter net income…

150 Million Coming

Walmart has 150 million people visiting their 4,756 stores every week – that is 31,539 customers per store per week. Not to be confused with Amazon, who claimed they have 150 million…

Out of Business By 2030

At the annual category management conference this year, the head of innovation and creativity for Walt Disney, Duncan Wardle suggested that if attendees see themselves in the retailing business, they are likely…

Are Meal Kits In Demand?

In the last year or so, every retailer was jumping on the bandwagon – you have to start selling meal kits. The story was sold on the belief that millennials were looking…