Years To Find Ingredient For New Product Offering

It took the Wendy’s hamburger chain almost three years to collectively source from 30 growers enough blackberries for its new salad product.

Nearly 2 million pounds of blackberries will be required for the new salad being offered at 6,500 North American stores next year. The sourcing challenge is made more difficult as fast-casual restaurants, currently growing exponentially, create supply issues for healthier and fresher ingredients. With growth in organic and the need to be offering better quality, fresher products, large chains will face new supply hurdles when supply is smaller than demand. Scarcity kicks in and prices rise until the situation reverses itself.

One can only think that the growing consumer demand for fresher and healthier alternatives will create these supply problems for the foreseeable future. Who knows what the wacky weather will do to crop quality and yields.