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What To Compete On

What Are You Going To Compete On?

One of the age old questions in business is “what are you great at?” and then “how do people know you are great at it?”. With convenience stores, what message does your store scream at what you are good at?. When most retailers are asked this question, they most often quote fast service. Without getting to involved in research, what does fast service mean to a customer? There are car wash lineup’s 10 cars deep with these new self-loading high tech tunnel washes that have been designed to lower cost and increase throughput. So at 10 cars deep at 3 minute car wash cycles, is 30 minutes fast service? More and more customers think of fast service in different terms than conventional thinking. A person with a stop watch timing the service events is old school thinking. Drive through fast food offerings are destroying fast service by the menu selection that is offered. As this story evolves, how do you define what you are great at?