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Unauthorized Staff Movement Upsets Locals

A large and well-respected US grocery retailer, Kroger has had an unauthorized staff movement at some of their stores in Texas and Louisiana where cashiers refused to serve customers that wore pro-police T-shirts.

Some cashiers had experienced problems with the police and were offended by customer t-shirts that said “Police Lives Matter/All Lives Matter”.  Expectedly, some sponsors to the Kroger loyalty program threatened to disassociate themselves from Kroger over the incidents.

In response to the firestorm of negative press, Kroger released a statement: “We were disappointed and sorry to hear about the incidents in Alexandria, Louisiana, and Spring, Texas. We’re especially saddened by how this incident reflects on the 431,000 Kroger associates who work hard to serve every customer in communities all across America.  “We’ve taken steps to ensure this doesn’t happen again – and we are reminding associates that is our responsibility to honor our company values of Diversity and Inclusion and treating our customers with Integrity and Respect in every interaction, every day. Our goal is always to create a welcoming, hospitable environment for all customers.”

There are no reports of what Kroger head office did in response to the management of these stores or the staff that refused to serve customers – but the interesting note is understanding where employee’s personal opinions not only interfere with their job responsibilities but negatively influence the image and work of thousands of other employees who don’t share the same personal opinions.  Kroger essentially pointed out that the attitudes of a few associates do not reflect the values or opinions of the work of 431,000 others.