Staying At Home

Americans increasingly don’t want to leave their homes – not even for food and are relying more and more on food delivery services. The research found that over half of the U.S. adults interviewed chose to stay home to avoid venturing out in the world. Forty-one percent indicated that they stay home to catch up on tv shows and movies and twenty-five percent indicated that they like eating alone.

The research also found that food delivery was most popular among millennial men in urban areas, with 69 percent of them having ordered in during the past three months, compared with 58 percent of women aged 18 to 34. Overall, 45 percent of Americans of all ages had ordered restaurant delivery of some kind.

Grubhub, Amazon, Uber and Google have created solutions for restaurant-delivery services. Grubhub processed 271,000 deliveries per day, more than double what it did three years ago.