Beer/Wine Views

Roar Like A Lion

As the possibility of an Ontario election looms, various interest groups are surfacing to fight the thought that the Ontario government might consider changing regulations written 87 years ago restricting beer to be sold only in The Beer Stores!

As the budget nears, both the Conservative and NDP parties will have to make critical decisions whether to bring down the minority government and have an election called. It is not surprising that the ugly $1 billion dollar gas plant fiasco appeared in the news last week.

Allegations against the ruling party – the Liberals – of destruction of records, and the sorts are filling the halls of Queen’s Park and the ears of voters. Have the kittens given way to the lion’s voices? Only time will tell.

For convenience store operators, the thought of beer and wine adds perhaps the single largest boost of traffic to their stores that they have had in decades. As lottery moves to smart phones, and tobacco continues to marginally decline – beer and wine is a fight worth fighting for. Are there any lions in the woods on this one? Stay tuned.