Quality over quantity in the theatre business

The AMC theatre chain, the second largest in the US, decided to install La-Z-Boy type fully-reclining seats in under-performing theatres. Approximately 2/3rds of the normal seats had to removed to make room for the larger foot print required for these reclining seats. The CEO was quotes as saying he was banking on quality over quantity. Attendance in the renovated AMC theatres has increased 80%.

In the convenience store business, applying the same approach to quality over quantity might result in less cluttered stores, faster access to grab and go snacks, premium products over big-gulp size offerings, gourmet product availability, and so on… Of course local area demand would influence these decisions – but the present “same look for all stores” might slowly disappear and be replaced by a new definition of convenience dictated by the customers’ view of value and relevance.