New Packaging Can Make A Difference

Cirio has a long tradition of delivering packaging innovation. Back in 1856, Francesco Cirio was the first to pack tomatoes in cans and now Cirio continues to innovate by packaging tomatoes in cartons.

Consumers love cartons because they are BPA-free, convenient, and environmentally friendly. Plus, research shows that consumers believe that Cirio tomatoes in cartons offer fresher taste. For a tomato company, what could be more important than that?

Retailers also benefit with the carton format throughout the supply chain. Carton packaging allows for 18% more units per pallet (than cans), and 15% more units per truck. On shelves, cartons are 44% more efficient than cans and their flat sides enhance their billboard effect and shopability. Overall, cartons significantly improve a retailer’s direct product cost (DPC).