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Jump On The Healthy Wholesome Food Bandwagon

Jump On The Healthy Wholesome Food Bandwagon

The opening keynote speaker at NACS this year in Las Vegas, journalist David Freeman commented that obesity every single day kills twice as many people as Ebola and it’s getting worse.  He added that “obesity is the greatest crisis we’ve ever faced”.

The media has demonized cstores, but retailers have a huge opportunity to play a role in addressing the obesity epidemic.  The media points their finger at the hot dogs, chips, and sodas sold at cstores as they are an easy target.  The average consumer tends to go to convenience stores for fast food and health addicts shy away from cstores because they don’t trust them.  His belief was that this would change over time with education.

He compared the experience of going to a 7-Eleven and getting a chef salad or turkey and swiss on whole wheat bread and being out in 5 minutes versus the 30 minutes or so required to get food at a Whole Foods Market.  He added that the fight against obesity is very young.  “It won’t be overnight, but people will get it and want healthier food, and that leaves you in the cold if you aren’t prepared.

“If you wait too long, they won’t turn to you when they get it,” he said. “Your customer will defect if you don’t show them you have healthy options and start to win that reputation.”  He told retailers to stock what has traditionally worked in their stores, but begin to add healthy options. “You can become a hub of healthy eating,” he said.