Disruption At The Movies

The controversy of the movie release of the Interview made many people including myself wonder about terrorist attacks at theatres.

When the movie was released on-line, I used my iTunes account and paid the $5.99 to watch it with 3 of my children.

The on-line release generated $15 million in sales.

I saved $26 dollars (3 kids at $12 each) and the drink and popcorn purchases – which would have easily topped $50 bucks in total.

Regardless of what I thought of the movie, or whether I would have gone to the theatre to see it (most likely not) – I think the dynamic of releasing new movies on-line have potential – especially for better-rated, broader-appeal movies.

With 4k televisions and HD broadcasts -the at-home experience is certainly going to get better. ┬áCouple this with GMO-free popcorn and other healthier alternatives, no parking hassles – all in the comfort of your own home – a new niche is being formed.

These neighbourhood customers might enjoy shopping from a gondola in your store with the heading “all that you need to enjoy tonight’s movie”.