Bring Your Parents To Work Day

There is little doubt that the 40-60 year olds (some of which are making big decisions for their respective companies) are out-of-the-loop when it comes to social media.  A senior New York Times reporter found a twenty-something staffer and asked for help learning Snap-Chat.  The rationale is you better understand where your readers are getting the news.  The staff encounter and mentoring – referred to a reverse-mentoring has appeal in all businesses.

Recently, Amazon opened up its doors to the parents of its employees last week in Seattle.  More than 5,000 parents attended the event at its Seattle-area headquarters, some from as far away as China and India.  Mom and dad got the chance to explore special exhibits, listen to speakers, have a bite of lunch, ask questions about their child’s workday and, of course, check out all the latest company initiatives, from drone-delivery to warehouse robotics.

While Amazon joked that it hoped the day would encourage employees to clean up their desks, the fact is that not only does such an event serve to impress employees’ parents, but also connect them to the company’s vision and strategic implementation.

Next month we are featuring a story when politicians come to work at convenience stores.  Our story about the 5th annual Cstore day conceived by the Atlantic Convenience Store Association is entertaining and insightful.