Aging Baby Boomers Tired Of “Do-It-Yourself” Campaign

Home Depot is adjusting their marketing approach as aging baby boomers are tired of “do-it-yourself” and millennials aren’t thinking about “doing-it-yourself”.

So the retailer is focusing on the professional contractor whether they are independent or small size firms.

With home prices climbing, and given that about 63 percent of the housing stock in the United States is more than 30 years old, Home Depot executives said they believe these boomers will still want to invest in improving their homes. But catering to them will increasingly be a different proposition.¬†“It will mean being smarter about wooing the professionals who boomers might hire to do these jobs for them.

For millennials, Home Depot is confident that this segment will eventually become home owners but for now, they are content getting their purchases of paint and window treatment.  Home Depot also is investing in its e-commerce business, believing that this will be key to connecting with those millennial shoppers and maintaining a sustained relationship with them.