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7-Eleven Tests Healthier Products

7-Eleven is rolling out a test in their southern California stores in the Los Angeles market to sell a line of what the chain calls ‘nutritionally balanced’ fresh sandwiches, wraps and salads including cold-pressed juices.

With the help of fitness guru Tony Horton, the products will be sold under the brand “Tony Horton Kitchen”.  Horton is the health and fitness executive whose DVD home workout series P90X has sold more than 4 million copies.  The test will take place in 104 stores ( a good base to support such an ambitious test).

7-Eleven ambitions are not about getting rid of other stuff in order to sell better-for-you items, it’s about offering both. It still will sell beer, cigarettes, potato chips, hot dogs and the like, but 7-Eleven like all retailers need to address the Millennials and other customers demands for better-for-you products.  The health and wellness category is a $50 billion category in the U.S., and growing.

7-Eleven has reported that their sales of fresh products are up 30% over the past year. In their extensive social media strategy (where customers indicate what they want in their local 7-Eleven stores), healthier food options is the second most requested item.  7-Eleven also reported that it sells 7 times more bananas than it does Snickers.