Search Beyond The Obvious

New culinary trends rooted in nutrition sciences and customers’ rapidly changing tastes are forcing the food business to expand their search for new edibles.

Consumers are reading labels more often seeking simple words that they can pronounce.  Long science or chemical names are being frowned upon and are often assumed as being “bad for you”.  Beyond commonly held notions that fat is bad, what about carbs and gluten?  As more products appear gluten-free, one has to be thinking what has gluten been replaced with.  Customers are seeking better understanding of the ingredients on the label and some have taken interest on where the ingredient or food item is sourced from (or grown).  Some are concerned with the degree of food processing and whether the supplier followed good-for-the-environment standards.  Consumers in short, are becoming more picky about what they want – and are willing to consume it in less quantity if it is better tasting and better-for-you.

Jack Link’s new beef jerkey line is a good example of suppliers focusing on better-for-you ingredients that is clearly labelled on their packaging.

Chocolate bar companies are using more organic and better-for-you products.  This is not a fad – but a revolution that retailers need to embrace – and maybe create a section in their store for these premium priced products with great margins – a little display help showing customers you carry these items will result in incremental sales.